Halloween LiveScream will be virtual variety show to bring the community together on Halloween night and have a haunting good time! The show will be co-hosted by Long Beach songwriters, Alyssandra Nighswonger and Heather Jean Sommerhauser, and will feature videos submitted by artists and community members. 

How to watch: 

The show will be broadcasted live on Halloween at 8pm PST on Alyssandra's Youtube channel. After the broadcast, the show will still be available to share and watch later. 

Now Accepting Video Submissions: 

Calling all creative monsters! We are looking for local musicians to play halloween songs, comedy sketches, scary stories & poems, recreations of movie moments or your own original halloween creation! 

The Deadline for Submissions is SUNDAY OCTOBER 25th. Don't make us haunt you! 

Song choices: 

Anything Halloween themed! Heather made a playlist for ideas, but you can pick songs that aren't on the list. Please notify us as soon as you know what song you want to play (before you make your video) and it will be added to the list, so it doesn't get swooped by someone else. Scroll down for sign up list to see what's been taken. 


  • Keep your submission at or around 3 1/2 min. Longer submissions will be considered if they are AMAZING, but we want to make sure there is room for as many submissions as possible.

  • Please submit on time! There is still work for us after we get the videos! 

  • Make sure you have clear and strong audio quality in your video. We want to hear you! 

  • Get scary and get out the fake blood, but please keep in mind that we are making this show as a way to bring people together and are still trying to maintain a safe space. 

  • As of right now we are accepting all videos but if we get a lot of submissions, we will have to pick the strongest submissions - so have fun and do your best! 

  • Keep in communication - having trouble? running late? technical difficulties? We want to help! 

To Submit Your Video: 

Upload your video to a Google Drive, We Transfer or Dropbox and email it to Alyssandra. 

Sign Up List


Old Black Magic - Josh Cuadra

Don't Fear the Reaper - Lili de la Mora & Lono Archambault

Twilight Zone - John Miranda

Pet Sematary - Brian Newhard

Ghostbusters - Laura Merryfield

Rhiannon - Dillon Vanders

Spooky Scary Skeletons - Merrady

Little Shop of Horrors - Jill Nighswonger

Halloween Song - Desirae Hafer

Human Fly - Nigel Burk

Bad Moon Rising - Joshua, Jonas & Sonja Bassett

Torture - Heather Sommerhauser, Ann Louise Thaiss & Sally Nguyen

Spooky - Ashley Aguirre

You're So Dark - Shy But Flyy

Crazy - Malila Hollow

Grim Grinning Ghosts - Jason Berk

Halloween Theme - Michael Malinowski

Monster Mash - House Dilsdale

Strange Things - Alex Mastrovito

I Want to be Evil - Ellen Warkentine

Hell - Alyssandra Nighswonger

Love Potion No. 9 - Tom Harmon

I Put a Spell on You - Anthony Pedroza

Witch's Egg - Feather & Ox

Come Little Children - Brenda Carsey


Chissum Worthington - Frankenshtein

Dana Benedict - Turn the Stone

Teresa Cowles - Happy Haunts Society - 2020 Vision

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a Monte Bre Records Artist.


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