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A Very Valentine's Day Brunch Livestream
Sunday February
Now Accepting Submissions!

A Valentine's Day Virtual Variety Show hosted by Alyssandra Nighswonger. Now accepting submissions of videos of you playing love songs, originals, reading poems, or any other fun lovey antics! 


How to watch: 

The show will be streamed live on Sunday, February 14th at 11am PST on youtube. 

How to Sign up and Submit: 

 Send it to me via dropbox, wetransfer, google drive, you name it. Deadline: Friday 2/12

Tips for Submissions: 

*Get festive!! Decorate, dress up, have fun! 

*Do your best to create good lighting and good sound. 

*Collaborate with other people! If you can't physically be together, record your parts separately and then one of you can edit it together. 

*You can also record your song first to capture the best audio quality, and then record the video after and edit it to your song.

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Special Feature: Ellen Warkentine! 

Ellen Warkentine is releasing her new album, A Bouquet of Flowers for Your Ears on Valentine's Day, and we are here to support! It is a collection of delightful love songs recorded at home by James Kennedy, and features Christopher Lyles on harp. Ellen has collaborated with artist & animator, Danielle Heitmuller on some real dreamy collage videos that are so gorgeous and fitting. 

Listen to her album on Valentine's Day on Spotify and follow her on Instagram! 

Sign Up List

Katie Jo ♥ I Don't Know Where Your Heart's Been

Slam ♥ Just the Two of Us

Joshua & Angela ♥ In Spite of Ourselves

Tom Harmon ♥ Summer of 69

Wormstew ♥ I Love Your Brain

Chad Bishop ♥ Dear Love

Alyssandra & George ♥ Tonight You Belong to Me

House Dilsdale

Josh Cuadra

Ann Louise Thaiss

Heather Jean Sommerhauser

Jason Berk

Jon Zell

Dillon Vanders

Dana Benedict


Anthony Pedroza