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Will You Stay

‘Will You Stay’ is a collection of songs made to aid in the alchemy of a broken heart. When you are weary of the world, may these songs provide a little sanctuary. Close your eyes, feel the warmth of your hand over your heart and know you are not alone and are holding a heart of gold.” The album was recorded in Long Beach at The Compound Studio, and features Antoine Arvizu, Lono Archambault, Lili de la Mora-Archambault, Heather Sommerhauser, Matt Hill, R. Scott Dibble, Slam, Joy Shannon and Fernando Perdomo. 

Will You Stay
Album Release Video
Rancho Los Cerritos · Long Beach, Calif

Alyssandra's full set from the Will You Stay Album Release Show is now up on YouTube! One beautiful June evening, the audience gathered under the towering Moreton Bay Fig Trees and sat in the lush green landscape of the Historic Rancho Los Cerritos in Long Beach, Calif., and listened to the sounds of the band - featuring Fernando Perdomo (Mellotron), Antoine Arvizu (drums), Lono Archambault (bass), R. Scott Dibble (keys), Slam (vibes), Freddie Dilsdale (guitar), Ann Thaiss (vocals) and Lili de la Mora Archambault (vocals). What a dream come true. 

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