About Alyssandra Nighswonger


Alyssandra Nighswonger is following her 2020 Harry Nilsson tribute album, Nighswonger Sings Nilsson, with new release, “Will You Stay” coming June 17, 2022. “Will You Stay” is a more intimate album than Nighswonger’s previous releases, with a collection of songs written in 2015, following one of those life-changing break ups. The songs are about the soft and bittersweet goodbyes to the part of yourself that you leave behind when a relationship ends, and the newness of embracing the world on your own again; the alchemy of a broken heart. 


Recorded at the Compound Studio, this album features Antoine Arvizu (drums), Lono Archambault (bass), Matt Hill (guitar), Lili de la Mora-Archambault (backing vocals), Heather Sommerhauser (backing vocals), Slam (vibraphone), R. Scott Dibble (piano & B3 Organ), Fernando Perdomo Melotron) and Joy Shannon (harp). 


In 2020, Alyssandra Nighswonger released, Nighswonger Sings Nilsson, a tribute for Nilsson lovers. Though, any live performances were canceled due to the pandemic, the album received a lot of support from Nighswonger’s listeners and the cheerful delight of the album brought some peaceful moments in such a weird and lonely time. 


During the “Stay at Home” chapter of the pandemic, Alyssandra wanted to hold space for artists to come together and hosted a series of Open Mics and curated variety shows that were streamed online. 


Deeper in the past, Alyssandra hosted an Open Mic at Viento y Agua Coffee House for 10 years. She collaborated with Long Beach music acts, The Dovelles, Lucky Penny, Ellen Warkentine and the Balboa Amusement Company Orchestra. In 2012, she embarked on a 1,450-mile music-tour by bicycle down the West Coast from Seattle, WA to Long Beach, CA. She hosted a series of multi-media Vaudeville Spectaculars.