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Will You Stay



“‘Will You Stay’ is a collection of songs made to aid in the alchemy of a broken heart. When you are weary of the world, these songs provide a little sanctuary. Close your eyes, feel the warmth of your hand over your heart and know you are not alone and are holding a heart of gold.”



The album was recorded in Long Beach at The Compound Studio, and features Antoine Arvizu, Lono Archambault, Lili de la Mora-Archambault, Heather Sommerhauser, Matt Hill, R. Scott Dibble, Slam, Joy Shannon and Fernando Perdomo.


Available for Pre-order on CD, Cassette or Digital Download 

Nighswonger Sings Nilsson



Nighswonger Sings Nilsson is a studio collaboration between songwriter Alyssandra Nighswonger and producer Chris Schlarb. Nighswongers sweet warbly vocals are backed with lush string arrangements, horn arrangements, and even a tap dancer.


Includes the Nilsson tunes: "Think About Your Troubles”, “Without Her”, “One", “He Needs Me”, “Me and My Arrow”, “Are You Sleeping?”, “P.O.V. Waltz”, “Good Old Desk”, “The Puppy Song”

Available on Vinyl, CD or Digital Download.

When My Love Knot Slips



Or "To the greatest romance that never was". A playful EP is written with a sassy heart, an ode to those who don't want to waste their time. 

Two of the songs, "Watch Out Nosferatu" and "Red Balloon", were recorded with Portland songwriter, Joshua Bassett. 

The songs were recorded with long time friend, Mike Plell, at Cal State University Dominguez Hills, where Plell was studying. They layered in saxophone by Matt Knapl, trombone by Matthew Proffitt, piano by Alexander Blanco, and layers of vocals. 

Available on CD or Digital Download.

The Dovelles daytrotter.jpg
The Dovelles on Daytrotter

December 18, 2012

The Dovelles were a short and seredipitous collaboration between four Long beach songwriters, Jenny Stockdale, Tess Shapiro, Mary McKeever and Alyssandra Nighswonger.


In fall of 2012, after winning Long Beach Buskerfest, Jenny Stockdale decided to move back home to her father's farm in upstate New York. The quartet embarked on cross country tour to move her there playing over a dozen shows, and making an appearance on Marfa Public Radio

on a cold and wintery day in Davenport, Iowa, The Dovelles visited a studio in the basement of a former schoolhouse for a session with Daytrotter, tracking an intimate performance into an old ribbon microphone and a reel to reel tape machine. 

Available for Streaming on Paste.

The Dovelles 
Live at 4th St Vine


The Dovelles formed on the kind of Summer night where you feel life pulsing in your veins. 

Alyssandra had just finished a 1,450-mile music-tour-by-bicyle down the West Coast, and had been dumped by her boyfriend. She was over playing solo. When Sawtooth, a local bluegrass band, asked her to open at this show, she put together her dream band to back her up. She invited Jenny Stockdale, Mary McKeever and Tess Shapiro to form some thick four part harmonies, and a band was born.

The bar was so full during the performance that there was a crowd in the street. Tap by tap, the bar started running out of beer. You can hear service dog belonging to cellist, Joy Shannon, bark in a song. 


Lucky Penny

Lucky Penny Self Titled


Lucky Penny was about savoring the moment. It was a collaboration between songwriters Merrady, David Robison, Lexi March Lee, and Alyssandra Nighswonger. 

The band delicately crafted these songs on Tuesday mornings with mimosas, french pressed coffee, and Merrady's two sweet terriers cuddled up on the couch, listening in. 

These songs were recorded in a session on the two inch tape machine at Long Beach City College. 

Alyssandra and the Daymakers 
Self Titled


When Alyssandra met, Ellen Warkentine, her best friend and long time collaborator at Viento y Agua coffeehouse. They shared songs and a music crush was formed. Ellen messaged Alyssandra on Myspace and said, "Dear Alyssandra, I am officially in your band. Love, Ellen."

They added childhood friend, Travis Christopherson, on drums, and upright bassist, Doug Brown, and added a playful, vaudeville sound to Alyssandra's whimsical songs. "Blow All Your Troubles Away" is an especially meaningful song on this album, dedicated to anyone who needs to stop and just take a breath and let it all out. 

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