Alyssandra Nighswonger presents... Everybody Smile Open Mic!

How to
How to 

Thursday, August 27th Schedule

Open Mic Sign-Up

Anyone can play! Sign up with this form by 7:30pm to be added to the list. 


list is


7:30pm: Welcome &  Mingle

7:45pm: Alyssandra plays

8pm: Open Mic Round 1

8:45pm: Dana Benedict feature set

9:pm: Open Mic Round 2

10pm: Thank you and Good Night

Open Mic Rules

  • Be respectful of performers.

  • Be respectful of your audience.

  • Please mute your mic during performances when you are not performing. You can use the chat feature to communicate during performances.

  • We'll announce at the beginning of the event if there is time for either 1 or 2 songs. It depends on how many people sign up, but so far there has been room for 2 songs with a little extra space at the end for another round. 

  • If there is space on the list after everyone has performed, the list will be opened up, again for performers to play, again. 

  • If your performance has some material that may be offensive or has a trigger warning, please clear with Alyssandra in advance. 

Open Mic Tips

During the week before Open Mic:​

During Open Mic: 

  • Have fun AND be a good listener.

  • Mute when you're not performing.

  • Try a fun virtual background!

  • Use the chat to share your music and project links that you want other listeners to check out.

  • Check out other performers links, and follow their artist profiles on Spotify, facebook pages, instagram pages, etc. 

  • Running late? Have to leave early? Email me and let me know. 

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